Quality furniture

Mid Century
Danish Modern
Art Deco
American Oak, Mohogany and Walnut

Advertising Memorabilia
Country Store
Beer/Soda Pop
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- - - Paper
- - - Neon
- - - Clocks
- - - and more!

Art Deco
Mid Century

Coin Ops
Juke boxes
Candy and Cigarette Machines
Soda Pop Machines and dispensors
Trade Stimulators

Bars / Barware

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antique row

There are several antique stores on our street so please come down and browse them all!

Lily Pad Antiques and Old Toys
Lick's Antiques
Shepard House Antiques
Sanford & Son Antiques and Auctions
Rampart Antiques
Madarin Antiques and Pianos

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